Compunere în engleză despre ziua naţională - National day

O compunere în engleză despre "Ziua naţională a României"

DECEMBER 1 - Romania's National Day

1 December represent the first day of winter for most of the world's population, but for Romanians it means more than that because is their national holiday. Known also as Great Union Day or Ziua Marii Uniri (in Romanian), 1 December commemorates a memorable meeting held in Alba Iulia in 1918 at the end of which, the participants, agreed on a common declaration - the Union of Transylvania with Romania and declaration of the new Romanian state.

On 1 December 1918, a number of 1,228 elected representatives from all across the country unanimously decided the union of Transilvania, Banat, Crişana and Maramures with Romania.The declarations states:
1. Full national liberty for all races, with use of the mother tongue in education, administration and justice
2. Full autonomy for all religious creeds
3. A purely democratic regime in all branches of public life - general, direct, equal and secret suffrage, by communes, on proportional representation, for both sexes from the age of twenty-one
4. Complete liberty of press, assembly and association, and free propagation of all human thoughts
5. Radical agrarian reform, on the basis of social levelling and increased production
6. The same advantages to the industrial workers as are secured to them by law in the most advanced industrial states.

The Romania's national day marks a new beginning for all Romanians reunited in a single state, where respect for the ideals of freedom and democracy, freedom of speech, agricultural reform and protection of human dignity and human rights are basic principles of this new formed state.

This Romania National Day was set on 1 December after the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

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