Compunere în engleză despre Crăciun-Dreaming of Christmas

O nouă compunere în limba engleză despre Crăciun cu titlul "Visez la Crăciun"

Dreaming of Christmas 

Last night I had a lovely dream about Christmas and its magic atmosphere where everybody seems to be enjoying everything. While awake, I kept dreaming on, even though, my eyes were wide open...

The most beautiful day of the winter is definitively Christmas day! On Christmas day I woke up at sunrise and run in the living room to look under the Christmas tree. Various shapes, sizes and colors presents are hidden under our green spruce tree. I start checking each box to see which one has my name on it. After a while, I found a box, perfectly wrapped in shiny paper, with my name on it.

It was mine! I rapidly unpacked it trying to figure out what was it inside. I was so exited that I actually stopped opening my present and said a prayer, wondering if Santa considers I well-behaved or not this year. With my heart beating very fast, I closed my eyed once again, wishing for a new phone or a tablet.

I opened my eyes and there it was: my new iphone-4s. The phone of my dreams, my biggest wish, an impressive brand new iphone-4s was in my hand! And it was mine! I've closed my eyes again; it was time to be thankful to Santa, Jesus and God. My heart was full of gratitude and my eyes were glittering of happiness.

And I opened my eyes but I've realized it had been a dream. I woke up from my dream, the best dream ever. It felt so real that filled me with love and generosity. Who knows, maybe Santa will bring me a new iphone-4s.