Compunere în engleză despre Crăciun-Christmas holiday

Aici găseşti o compunere în engleză despre Crăciun, descriptivă, care te va introduce în atmosfera magică a Crăciunului 

Christmas holiday

My favorite time of the year is definitively Christmas holiday. The day before Christmas, mom with my aunt's help, prepares her Christmas specialties: sarmale (minced pork mixed with rice and spices then rolled up in marinated cabbage leaves), roasted brown chicken, mashed potatoes, cherry sauce and different types of salads. For dessert she makes apple pie with lots of cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla ice cream and also, sweet cheesecake.

Meanwhile, on Christmas Eve, my father brings home, a tall and fabulous Christmas tree. Almost suddenly, the fresh scent of green spruce flows all over our house and brings excitement and joy in our hearts. We always place it in our living room, in front of the blue navy colored lathered sofa where we kids have to sit and patiently expect the tree to be placed in its place. We all gather around and start decorating it with red, blue, yellow and silver shiny balls, handmade painted stars, carved wooden angels and small Santa Clauses. We are singing carols, we tell jokes and we laugh, all in a loving, warm and pleasant atmosphere.

When all the food is done and our tree is magnificent decorated, my family dress up in beautiful clothes and sits around a large wooden table, happy and relaxed, in cozy and comfortable chairs. We start dinner by telling a gratitude prayer to show our appreciations for God's gifts. Then we start eating. Our mouths, already watered by the scents coming from the kitchen, enjoy each bite of the delicious food my mom prepared.

Grown-ups sit and talk with tranquil and calm voices while we kids are looking out the window trying to catch Santa and his reindeers. Everyone's eyes glitters of happiness. We go to sleep late in the night, making sure we left on the table a glass of milk and cookies for Santa, hoping he will bring us the gifts we wished for one year. In the morning, we rush to discover the presents hidden under the green spruce tree. That is the best part, watching my family as they open the presents and seeing the joy that lights up each face. Each box is lovely wrapped and has a name written beautifully on it. As the objects are revealed to their new  happy owners, joyful and warm hugs, filled with love, are given to show appreciation.

And there is pure magic, a lot of appreciation, joy, peace and love flowing in the air. Everyone seems to remember how good it is to have a family get together and how we can enjoy each other, how good is to receive presents and more important how great you feel when you offer some.

For all these and for all the presents I have opened by now, I declare: Christmas is the best day of the year!