Compunere în engleză despre vacanţă-Why I enjoy vacations

O compunere în limba engleză cu titlul "De ce îmi plac vacanţele".

Why I enjoy vacations

There are so many things I enjoy doing while in vacation.The best part of my vacations is that I get no homework. Vacation is like a big recreation, an opportunity for pure fun, a lot of excitement and quality time. Allow me to share some of the reasons for which I love my vacations.

First of all, what I like most in a vacation is that I don't have to go to school.  For this reason, I have a lot of free time and my schedule is open for great adventures each day. Another thing, is that I can sleep as late as I want and I can stay up as late as I can. I can read any book I choose or I can watch some tv, I can play on my play station, I can ride my new bike or invite my friends over, etc.

Relaxation and togetherness with my family, my relatives and family friends are other pluses for which is good to be in vacation. My parents organize in each vacation short trips to historical places or relaxation holidays in spectacular places where we have the opportunity to see the nature's beauty and spectacular places. Once a year, usually during summer vacation, we leave our country and visit other cities within European Union borders.

In each vacation I visit my grandma who lives outside the city, in a rural area. I only have one grandma alive, the other one died before I was born, so I never meet her. My parents told me she would have loved me if she knew me. Going back to my grandmother, she loves me and she is very happy to have me around. She bakes cookies and brownies and gives me great presents.

The worst part of vacation is that I cant meet with my colleagues daily. Anyway, we keep in touch over the phone or using internet: emails, Google+ and Facebook social networks or different types of messengers. Some of us have personal blogs where we are sharing our experiences.

Considering the opportunity to use free time as I please I recommend that we all should take a long vacation. I love being in vacation.

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