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My favorite pet

Since my early childhood  I wanted to have my own pet, sort of my own child to take care of. In the beginning I asked my parents to get me a dog. At that time I was thinking that a dog is the most loyal friend I could get and I was absolutely sure we could have a lot of fun together but they considered for years that I am not responsible enough to have one. They have explained me that an animal requires a lot of free time and attention, which sometimes I don't have, between study, classes, basketball trainings, English lessons and debate club.

After a while, I asked them for a parrot which, in my opinion, does not require so much free time since all you need is to buy a cage, keep it clean and feed the parrot daily. It shouldn't take long. They didn't like this idea also so they have refused me, again. So I was pretty sad and all I could think of was that one day, I'll have my own house and I will get me a dog and a parrot also. Yet, at that time, I was very disappointed that they don't trust me enough.

But things changed out of the blue when my crazy aunt, visited us, a month ago. I have received a present from her, a "pet", a young chameleon, 6 weeks old. She also brought me a reptarium, sort of a larger aquarium, but with a ventilation system and a drip system; already decorated with branches, fake and natural plants. My new reparium had a special system of lights because my aunt explained me that chameleons need a special sort of light, full spectrum UVA/UVB light. Bottom line, my reptarium is a top product and it provides modern comfort to its inhabitant.

Initially I named my chameleon Jake but after just one day it was clear to me that he should be called Sunbeam because he loves to stay under the sun. Sometimes he climbs on the branches or stays hidden. But what amaze me is how Sunbeam changes his color by mood, light or temperature.

Since I have Sunbeam, I go twice a week to a pet store to buy fresh insects for him. He loves fatty wax worms, caterpillars and small crickets. In weekends I buy flies and I spend time watching Sunbeam how he catches them with his extremely long and sticky tongue.

He is lovely, quite and he doesn't require my attention all the time. This way I have time to study. Sunbeam enriched my life and made me more responsible. Yet, My father is not very happy about this and still considers that the animal my aunt brought me it isn't really a pet, it's just a ferocious wild animal which should live in the wilderness...

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