Compunere în engleză despre animalul meu-My pet

Compunere în engleză cu titlul "Animalul meu, o pisicuţă"

My pet, a kitten

Last week, while taking a walk in the park with my sister, we have found a small, grey and white, skinny kitten. My sister and I felt pretty bad for that small kitten. Since we have stayed in park for almost half a day and nobody seemed to know who was her owner, we decided to take her home and take care of her until her real owner shows up.

Said and done, we took the kitten home. When we got home, our mom asked us to bath the kitten and to feed her. We named her Kitty. After we fed our kitten, we started to play with her. Kitty is very playful, active, sometimes to the point of being obnoxious, especially when I have homework to do. Also, Kitty has a passion for fetching toys which made us laugh so many times.

Yet, Kitty wasn't ours so we had to find her real owner. We took pictures of her; we made fliers and spread them all over the park. We tried for one month to find Kitty's owner but no one called us. After one month, our mom said we can keep it for good. Since that day, I have been very happy ho have Kitty. 

Kitty’s favorite thing to do is to chase moving lights. She is able to chase a moving light for hours and still be in a playful mood. She also likes to sleep in places where she shouldn't, like the couch, our beds and any other comfortable surfaces. For this reason, mom brought Kitty's pet peeve closed to our bedroom doors.

 With Kitty around, our house is cozier and I have become wiser. I take care of her everyday, bath her and change her kitty litter and no matter how was my day, when I go to sleep, I  feel better to know she is close to me.

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