Compunere în engleză despre iarnă-A lovely winter day

O compunere în engleză cu titlul "O zi plăcută de iarnă"

A lovely winter day 

I'm sitting in my room and I'm looking out the windows. According to the calendar hanged over my desk, it’s December, the first month of winter when days are getting shorter and darkness comes sooner.

Large snowflakes keep falling from the sky, filled with fluffy clouds. One by one, they lie on the frozen ground, layer upon layer, similar to a carpet woven with silver thread. Their whiteness is so pure and they sparkle like diamonds under the sunlight. Each snowflake looks like a gentle flower petal, bleached by frozen temperatures.

The nature is dressed in white and shiny cloths, like a princess who is preparing for a ball. Our princess name is Winter. She seeks admirers, people able to see her in its entire splendor, to admire and treasure her beauty.

The first fans who enjoy its presence are a group of happy children. Their cheeks are red colored due to the low temperatures but they don't seem to feel the cold because they have warm clothes, beanies and gloves. They are running over the new layer of fresh snow, laughing and screaming of joy, throwing snowballs at each other.

I have realized that light gradually decreased, almost imperceptible until dusk came. I almost forgot how time flies. Our princess will shine soon under the moon light and others will admire her.