Compunere în engleză despre Crăciun-Dreaming of Christmas

O nouă compunere în limba engleză despre Crăciun cu titlul "Visez la Crăciun"

Dreaming of Christmas 

Last night I had a lovely dream about Christmas and its magic atmosphere where everybody seems to be enjoying everything. While awake, I kept dreaming on, even though, my eyes were wide open...

The most beautiful day of the winter is definitively Christmas day! On Christmas day I woke up at sunrise and run in the living room to look under the Christmas tree. Various shapes, sizes and colors presents are hidden under our green spruce tree. I start checking each box to see which one has my name on it. After a while, I found a box, perfectly wrapped in shiny paper, with my name on it.

It was mine! I rapidly unpacked it trying to figure out what was it inside. I was so exited that I actually stopped opening my present and said a prayer, wondering if Santa considers I well-behaved or not this year. With my heart beating very fast, I closed my eyed once again, wishing for a new phone or a tablet.

I opened my eyes and there it was: my new iphone-4s. The phone of my dreams, my biggest wish, an impressive brand new iphone-4s was in my hand! And it was mine! I've closed my eyes again; it was time to be thankful to Santa, Jesus and God. My heart was full of gratitude and my eyes were glittering of happiness.

And I opened my eyes but I've realized it had been a dream. I woke up from my dream, the best dream ever. It felt so real that filled me with love and generosity. Who knows, maybe Santa will bring me a new iphone-4s.

Compunere în engleză despre Crăciun-Christmas holiday

Aici găseşti o compunere în engleză despre Crăciun, descriptivă, care te va introduce în atmosfera magică a Crăciunului 

Christmas holiday

My favorite time of the year is definitively Christmas holiday. The day before Christmas, mom with my aunt's help, prepares her Christmas specialties: sarmale (minced pork mixed with rice and spices then rolled up in marinated cabbage leaves), roasted brown chicken, mashed potatoes, cherry sauce and different types of salads. For dessert she makes apple pie with lots of cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla ice cream and also, sweet cheesecake.

Meanwhile, on Christmas Eve, my father brings home, a tall and fabulous Christmas tree. Almost suddenly, the fresh scent of green spruce flows all over our house and brings excitement and joy in our hearts. We always place it in our living room, in front of the blue navy colored lathered sofa where we kids have to sit and patiently expect the tree to be placed in its place. We all gather around and start decorating it with red, blue, yellow and silver shiny balls, handmade painted stars, carved wooden angels and small Santa Clauses. We are singing carols, we tell jokes and we laugh, all in a loving, warm and pleasant atmosphere.

When all the food is done and our tree is magnificent decorated, my family dress up in beautiful clothes and sits around a large wooden table, happy and relaxed, in cozy and comfortable chairs. We start dinner by telling a gratitude prayer to show our appreciations for God's gifts. Then we start eating. Our mouths, already watered by the scents coming from the kitchen, enjoy each bite of the delicious food my mom prepared.

Grown-ups sit and talk with tranquil and calm voices while we kids are looking out the window trying to catch Santa and his reindeers. Everyone's eyes glitters of happiness. We go to sleep late in the night, making sure we left on the table a glass of milk and cookies for Santa, hoping he will bring us the gifts we wished for one year. In the morning, we rush to discover the presents hidden under the green spruce tree. That is the best part, watching my family as they open the presents and seeing the joy that lights up each face. Each box is lovely wrapped and has a name written beautifully on it. As the objects are revealed to their new  happy owners, joyful and warm hugs, filled with love, are given to show appreciation.

And there is pure magic, a lot of appreciation, joy, peace and love flowing in the air. Everyone seems to remember how good it is to have a family get together and how we can enjoy each other, how good is to receive presents and more important how great you feel when you offer some.

For all these and for all the presents I have opened by now, I declare: Christmas is the best day of the year!

Compunere în engleză despre ziua naţională - National day

O compunere în engleză despre "Ziua naţională a României"

DECEMBER 1 - Romania's National Day

1 December represent the first day of winter for most of the world's population, but for Romanians it means more than that because is their national holiday. Known also as Great Union Day or Ziua Marii Uniri (in Romanian), 1 December commemorates a memorable meeting held in Alba Iulia in 1918 at the end of which, the participants, agreed on a common declaration - the Union of Transylvania with Romania and declaration of the new Romanian state.

On 1 December 1918, a number of 1,228 elected representatives from all across the country unanimously decided the union of Transilvania, Banat, Crişana and Maramures with Romania.The declarations states:
1. Full national liberty for all races, with use of the mother tongue in education, administration and justice
2. Full autonomy for all religious creeds
3. A purely democratic regime in all branches of public life - general, direct, equal and secret suffrage, by communes, on proportional representation, for both sexes from the age of twenty-one
4. Complete liberty of press, assembly and association, and free propagation of all human thoughts
5. Radical agrarian reform, on the basis of social levelling and increased production
6. The same advantages to the industrial workers as are secured to them by law in the most advanced industrial states.

The Romania's national day marks a new beginning for all Romanians reunited in a single state, where respect for the ideals of freedom and democracy, freedom of speech, agricultural reform and protection of human dignity and human rights are basic principles of this new formed state.

This Romania National Day was set on 1 December after the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

Compunere în engleză despre vacanţa de vară- My summer vacation

O compunere în engleză despre vacanţa de vară cu titlul "Vacanţa de vară"

My summer vacation

Today, my English teacher asked us to write an English composition about vacation. After I've arrived home, changed my clothes and had my lunch, I've started doing my homework. I couldn't decide what to write about because while in vacation a lot of things happened, good and bad.

My mother was promoted and got an increase of her salary, reason for which she bought me a brand new black bike. Now, my friends envy me and they say I have the most beautiful bike of all.

My family and I took a trip to the seaside where I swam a lot. The see was blue and the water was great. Too bad the sun was burning and we had to leave the beach at noon.

On our way back home, we went to see some historical places. My parents told me that this way I'm gonna learn more about history. They let me see what I am actually learning in books at school.

My best friend broke his leg so he had to stay inside his room for a while. We have played various games on the computers  but he won most of them. We also played chess and I won each time.

Best part was that my father brought me a turtle which I have to feed every day because she is young. We’ve got a tank full of water kept at a temperature between 80 and 85 degrees. The tank has plants and hiding places and must be kept clean.

So a lot of things happened during my vacation. School begun but I only see it as a waiting period for my next vacation.

Compunere în engleză despre vacanţă-Why I enjoy vacations

O compunere în limba engleză cu titlul "De ce îmi plac vacanţele".

Why I enjoy vacations

There are so many things I enjoy doing while in vacation.The best part of my vacations is that I get no homework. Vacation is like a big recreation, an opportunity for pure fun, a lot of excitement and quality time. Allow me to share some of the reasons for which I love my vacations.

First of all, what I like most in a vacation is that I don't have to go to school.  For this reason, I have a lot of free time and my schedule is open for great adventures each day. Another thing, is that I can sleep as late as I want and I can stay up as late as I can. I can read any book I choose or I can watch some tv, I can play on my play station, I can ride my new bike or invite my friends over, etc.

Relaxation and togetherness with my family, my relatives and family friends are other pluses for which is good to be in vacation. My parents organize in each vacation short trips to historical places or relaxation holidays in spectacular places where we have the opportunity to see the nature's beauty and spectacular places. Once a year, usually during summer vacation, we leave our country and visit other cities within European Union borders.

In each vacation I visit my grandma who lives outside the city, in a rural area. I only have one grandma alive, the other one died before I was born, so I never meet her. My parents told me she would have loved me if she knew me. Going back to my grandmother, she loves me and she is very happy to have me around. She bakes cookies and brownies and gives me great presents.

The worst part of vacation is that I cant meet with my colleagues daily. Anyway, we keep in touch over the phone or using internet: emails, Google+ and Facebook social networks or different types of messengers. Some of us have personal blogs where we are sharing our experiences.

Considering the opportunity to use free time as I please I recommend that we all should take a long vacation. I love being in vacation.

Compunere în engleză despre hobbyul meu-My hobby

Compunere în engleză cu titlul "Hobbyul meu"

My hobby: reading books

One of the things that I really love to do is to read. Through reading I have found out so many things about life in all of its aspects. Reading page after page, book by book, I have discovered the world around me, facts about past, present and versions of the future and i have learned so many amazing things.

I've started reading at the age of five when The stories from 1001 nights fascinated and captured me completely. It helped me to open my mind to new situations and I understood that the power of creation can change lives. Later, at the age of 10, I was amused by Păcală and Tândală adventures and I've started to smile more often than before because if you look carefully, there is something to laugh of no matter the circumstances.

Reading Winnetou, I was deeply impressed by his courage in front of unpredicted events, his honesty, his strength and his loyalty towards his dear ones, his compassion for other human beings and his communion with surrounding nature. At the same time, I've learned to respect different cultures and to appreciate others' values.

After a while I read The Prince and the Pauper. That story made me understand that clothes and social position offer different chances in life, that perception affects our entire worldview and the ways we react socially to others are influenced by our ability to evolve . Balzac, with his keen observations to details, manged so beautifully to offer me precious information about humans motivations and our reactions to society's values. Yet, one of my favorites, Dostoyevsky's allowed me to explore human psychology and understand that "life is within ourselves and not in the external" world.

Reading science fiction books I have found out that my universe depends also on the power of my imagination. Childhood's End is one of my favorite novels. The story speaks about our planet invaded by aliens, the Overlords, which in time prove to be some sort of guardian angels for our race. Under their strict guidance, we humans manage to reach a golden age, we live in peace, we have a a world government, we live in abundance until we evolve in something diverse, a transcendent form of life where we are all connected.

Later, I started reading love stories. I cried while I was reading The Lady of the Camellias and I was astonished by how Marguerite sacrifice her riches and her lifestyle for the man she loved. Yet, self sacrifice or giving up at peoples you really love isn't always a smart thing. Romeo and Julieta love didn't served any of them. Reading Manon Lescaut I've learned that true love implies devotion but also that running away from the problems dose not solve them.

Reading has become an important part of my life and helped me to find out more about me, information about human nature, human art and history, human achievements, anatomy and human mental faculties. I love reading because it helps me to learn. to be creative and offers me new perspectives. As Isaac Asimov said "If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them."

Compunere în engleză despre animalul meu preferat-My favorite pet

Compunere în engleză cu titlul "Animalul meu preferat"

My favorite pet

Since my early childhood  I wanted to have my own pet, sort of my own child to take care of. In the beginning I asked my parents to get me a dog. At that time I was thinking that a dog is the most loyal friend I could get and I was absolutely sure we could have a lot of fun together but they considered for years that I am not responsible enough to have one. They have explained me that an animal requires a lot of free time and attention, which sometimes I don't have, between study, classes, basketball trainings, English lessons and debate club.

After a while, I asked them for a parrot which, in my opinion, does not require so much free time since all you need is to buy a cage, keep it clean and feed the parrot daily. It shouldn't take long. They didn't like this idea also so they have refused me, again. So I was pretty sad and all I could think of was that one day, I'll have my own house and I will get me a dog and a parrot also. Yet, at that time, I was very disappointed that they don't trust me enough.

But things changed out of the blue when my crazy aunt, visited us, a month ago. I have received a present from her, a "pet", a young chameleon, 6 weeks old. She also brought me a reptarium, sort of a larger aquarium, but with a ventilation system and a drip system; already decorated with branches, fake and natural plants. My new reparium had a special system of lights because my aunt explained me that chameleons need a special sort of light, full spectrum UVA/UVB light. Bottom line, my reptarium is a top product and it provides modern comfort to its inhabitant.

Initially I named my chameleon Jake but after just one day it was clear to me that he should be called Sunbeam because he loves to stay under the sun. Sometimes he climbs on the branches or stays hidden. But what amaze me is how Sunbeam changes his color by mood, light or temperature.

Since I have Sunbeam, I go twice a week to a pet store to buy fresh insects for him. He loves fatty wax worms, caterpillars and small crickets. In weekends I buy flies and I spend time watching Sunbeam how he catches them with his extremely long and sticky tongue.

He is lovely, quite and he doesn't require my attention all the time. This way I have time to study. Sunbeam enriched my life and made me more responsible. Yet, My father is not very happy about this and still considers that the animal my aunt brought me it isn't really a pet, it's just a ferocious wild animal which should live in the wilderness...